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Henry Blogg Museum, Cromer

7th June 11


The Norfolk seaside town of Cromer welcomes a new lifeboat. For over two hundred years the town's lifeboats have helped those in trouble off the open north-east Norfolk coast. Hauling up the sails and pulling on the oars is not the way it's done now.

A legacy from George Lancashire has helped provide a new lifeboat which will be used for close inshore work and rescues involving crab boats and missing people, as well as helping the lifeguards. An official dedication ceremony for the new D734 inshore lifeboat took place on The Gangway in Cromer on Saturday 4th June.

On the east promenade the RNLI Henry Blogg Museum tells the story of its most famous lifeboatman and his colleagues over those two hundred years. You will find interviews with crew and fundraisers, 'kit' to try on, model boats and Morse Code practice and more.

Mr Lancashire left the RNLI a share of his residuary estate for the purchase of a lifeboat in memory of his himself and his wife, Muriel. A shoreline member and long-term supporter of the RNLI Mr Lancashire’s legacy was also used towards the funding of a new Tamar Class all weather lifeboat for the institution’s relief fleet at Tenby in Wales.

Tammy Allgood, senior community fundraising manager with the RNLI, said: “Without legacies like this one, we would really struggle, it makes such a huge difference to us.”

Just a short walk from the museum is the hotel De Paris, originally founded in 1830 this delightful and unusual hotel occupies the finest position in Cromer still represents the grandeur and extravagance of the late Victorian & Edwardian age.

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