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Leisureplex Hotel Awards 2017

22nd February 17

We are proud to announce the latest winners in our much celebrated Leisureplex Hotel yearly awards programme.

These highly coveted awards are judged on the work put in by each of our 21 Leisureplex Hotel teams over the past twelve months.

The awards are determined as follows:

Hotel of the Year

The Hotel of the Year award is based on the feedback from questionnaires received from Alfa guests covering areas such as food quality, housekeeping and entertainment. We think this makes it all the more special for the winning hotels as we believe our guests like to be involved in ensuring we provide the best holiday experience.

Leisureplex Hotel of the Year 2016 – Winner – George IV Hotel in Criccieth

Every year for the past 8 years, the George IV Hotel in Criccieth has managed to get a top 3 spot amongst the 21 Leisureplex Hotels, in terms of guest satisfaction. 2016 was no exception and saw this tremendous achievement continue.

Hamid Khoshneviszadeh, who has been the General Manager in Criccieth since shortly after Leisureplex acquired the hotel (August 2007) said “my team at the George IV Hotel are simply outstanding, they go the extra mile every day, to make sure our guests have the best possible holiday. All of my Heads of Department have worked tirelessly day in and day out to provide the absolute best possible experience for the guests. However, we clearly need to try even harder, if we’re going to win the top spot again in 2017, which everyone in Criccieth is determined to do”.

Karen Sawbridge said “Hamid and his team in Criccieth have long been the envy of their colleagues, because of their consistent achievement of excellence. My fellow board directors and I cannot praise nor thank Hamid and his team in Criccieth enough. A very big well done to everyone at the George IV Hotel. “

Leisureplex Hotel of the Year 2016 – Runner Up – Croit Anna Hotel in Fort William

With breathtaking views of Loch Linnhe, the Croit Anna Hotel in Fort William has become a firm favourite amongst the Leisureplex Hotel estate.

The Croit Anna was Leisureplex’s 15th acquisition, bought from a local family, The Morgans, in December 2002. Since acquiring the Croit Anna, the company has invested heavily in creating 10 additional en-suite bedrooms and refurbishing most of the remaining 81 bedrooms and all of the 11 staff bedrooms. All of the public space has also been refurbished to a high standard.

Clair Adams, a local to Fort William, has been the General Manager at the Croit Anna for nearly 7 years and she has led the operation from strength to strength, although the modest Clair believes “the Croit Anna is so well liked by our Alfa and Leisureplex guests because of the amazing staff, most of whom have worked at the hotel for many years. I feel so privileged to have such a fantastic team”.

Karen Sawbridge, Operations Director of Leisureplex Hotels has said “I am so incredibly proud of Clair Adams and the great team at the Croit Anna. It has been such a pleasure for me to watch Clair, who is a busy Mother of two young children, manage to successfully balance her home and work life and still improve the guest satisfaction in Fort William year on year. My grateful thanks go to both Clair and all of our staff in Fort William.”

Leisureplex Hotel of the Year 2016 – 3rd Place – Cumberland Hotel in Scarborough

The Cumberland Hotel has deservedly come in the top 3 for the first time since Leisureplex Hotels acquired this hotel in Scarborough in June 2004. Greg Penzes took over the management of the hotel in Spring 2016 and he has already made his mark on it.

Greg commented “I am delighted to be able to accept this award on behalf of the brilliant staff in Scarborough, most of whom have worked at the Cumberland Hotel for many years. Their continued commitment to providing the best possible customer experience has finally paid off.”

Karen Sawbridge said “Greg, as a relative newcomer to Leisureplex Hotels, having been promoted from the Leisureplex Internal Trainee Manager programme, it has been wonderful for me to witness the improvements made to guest satisfaction levels in Scarborough, which have historically been very good, but never quite made it into the top 3 before. Many congratulations to Greg and the great team in Scarborough.

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