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Porthcawl's Selfie Bench

5th May 16

A bench opposite our Leisureplex Seabank Hotel has been capturing the attention of bemused locals and tourists after it was positioned facing away from a popular seaside view.

Porthcawl's selfie bench

It is one of two newly installed benches which face Porthcawl's esplanade and not the stunning Welsh coastline.

Despite the awkward positioning of the benches, people have been able to see the funny side, with Bridgend Tourism Association declaring them as the UK's first "Selfie Benches".

"We are inviting anyone visiting Porthcawl's esplanade to take their own bench selfie and share it on social media with the hastag #SelfieBench" said Hugh Murray, a director at Bridgend Tourism Association.

So next time you are visiting Porthcawl why not take a rest on one of the famous Selfie Benches, we think one of them provides a great alternative view to the seaside as it overlooks our Seabank Hotel!

If you do take a photo on the Selfie Bench then we would love to see it! Photos can be shared on our Facebook page.

Selfies at Porthcawl's selfie bench
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